Relief Veterinarian Services

Flexible and Reliable Relief Veterinarians Dedicated to Your Patients' Wellbeing. Our aim is to ensure both vets and pets are happy and healthy.

Hire Relief Vet
Relief Veterinarian Services

Features & Benefits

Flexible Scheduling

We offer flexible scheduling to accommodate the needs of your clinic.

High-Quality Care

Our relief veterinarians are highly experienced and skilled in providing excellent care.

Increased Revenue

Increase your revenue without having to hire a full-time veterinarian.

Reduced Stress

Reduce stress and workload for your veterinary team

Wide Coverage Area

Access to a network of highly trained professionals

Convenient and Reliable

Our relief veterinarian services offer a convenient and reliable option for clinics.


Whenever you need additional staff, we have your back.

Backlog Assistance
Backlog Assistance

Boost Your Practice with Temporary Assistance from our Expert Relief Veterinarians!

Vacation Coverage
Vacation Coverage

Enjoy a worry-free break knowing that Relief Veterinarian Services has got you covered


When emergencies strike, count on Relief Veterinarian Services to be there in your time of need.

Don't just take our word for it.

Activ4Pets Relief Vet Services has been a lifesaver for our practice. The relief veterinarians provided exceptional care and seamlessly integrated with our team
Dr. Sarah Thompson
We highly recommend Activ4Pets Relief Vet Services. Their professionalism and dedication to patient care have exceeded our expectations.
Dr. John Davis

frequently asked questions

What is a relief veterinarian?
A relief veterinarian is a licensed and experienced veterinarian who provides temporary or short-term veterinary services to clinics, hospitals, or practices. They step in to cover for regular veterinarians during their absence due to vacations, illness, maternity leave, or other reasons.
How can I request a Relief Veterinarian?
To request a Relief Veterinarian, you can contact Activ4Pets via phone at (786) 518-2241 or send an email to Simply provide us with the dates, hours, and specific requirements for the relief shift you need. Once we receive your request, we will promptly pair you with a suitable veterinarian and send you a client agreement and service order. If you need estimates or blank agreements, feel free to ask.
How will I be billed for the services?
Practices will receive weekly invoices via email for any services rendered during the previous week. Our billing process is designed to be efficient and transparent, making it easy for you to manage the expenses.
Are all the Veterinarians on Activ4Pets certified?
Yes, all the veterinarians in our team are licensed professionals with extensive experience in their field
Is there a minimum contract time for a Relief Veterinarian?
At Activ4Pets, we don't impose a minimum contract time for a relief veterinarian. We understand that different clinics have varying needs. Instead, we offer daily flat rates based on the length of the shift. If the shift extends beyond the agreed contract hours, we charge time and a half to ensure fairness. Our goal is to work closely with each clinic to fulfill their unique requirements.

Relief Veterinarian Services that Excel!

Prepare yourself for an unequivocally matchless level of care! Our Relief Veterinarian Services stand out in bestowing unparalleled assistance to your beloved pets during challenging times.