Traveling With Pets: Ideas and Tips

Going somewhere? What about the pets?
There’s only one logical answer to that question – bring them with you of course! More and more people, and businesses, are embracing the idea that pets should be able to enjoy the family vacation too! In the spirit of this we thought we’d throw together a bunch of pet friendly stuff to help you plan your next, pets included, vacation.

Planning The Trip

Ok, so you know  a vacation is on the cards but have no idea where to start or where to go. Check out this cool travel map from It uses google maps to show you a bunch of pet friendly locations throughout the U.S and unless you own an RV or are camping, this is a paw-fect way to find pet friendly lodgings.

Pet friendly Businesses and activities along the way.

So you’ve found a nice place to stay that allows pets, now what are you going to do? It’s not much fun leaving poor old pooch in the room while everyone else is out having fun. This is where comes in. It will show you dog friendly attractions around the world! And forget dropping your four legged friend off at the hotel before dinner, bringfido also has a list of dog friendly restaurants.

Managing Your Pets Health While You’re Away

In the worst case scenario, you experience a pet health issue while on vacation and need to take them to a vet. Wouldn’t it be great if you had all your pet’s health information in your pocket? Activ4Pets can help you with this, by providing online access to your pet’s entire health record, including all their medications, X-Rays via mobile app which can be handy for a vet so they can quickly treat your loved one without having to try and contact your vet back home. Second Opinion? e-Consultation?

Pet Insurance

So you’ve been to the vet, having your pet’s health information in your pocket was very handy, but unfortunately fido is going to need some treatment and it’s looking pretty pricey. Never fear, Figo Pet Insurance is here. Figo provides affordable coverage and the best part is, you can manage everything from claims, to finding a vet nearby from your mobile device.

Pet Tracking

If you’re bringing your pooch to a new place that neither you or they are familiar with and they somehow manage to get away from you, a pet tracking product is invaluable. We think the best one out there is tagg The pet Tracker. It allows you to view your pet’s location on your mobile device. It will also tell you if their surroundings are too hot or cold while monitoring their activity levels.

Some Extra Tips

  • Make sure your car AC is working properly before heading out in hot weather and ensure you have water available to your pet at all times.
  • Reduce the amount of food you feed your animal on the road, you don’t want too many potty breaks!
  • First Aid Kit
  • Bring your pooch’s favorite treats/toys/blankets or whatever makes them feel most comfortable on the road!

So there you have it, our quick guide of traveling with the family pet. We hope you enjoy your travels wherever they may take you and your furry friends!

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