One of the oldest and best known cat breeds, this beautiful light-colored cat has striking colour points in seal, lilac, chocolate and blue. Originating from Thailand, the Siamese comes in two types: show and traditional. The show Siamese has a tubular body on long legs, a wedge-shaped head with large, triangular ears, and a long tail. The traditional Siamese has a rounded head and chunky body.

Siamese are endlessly curious, but inclined to be smart and demanding. This cat has a passion for his people and will involve himself in everything they are doing. The Siamese are infamous for his voice and will “talk” to you all day long and well into the night, expressing his opinion on literally everything. They can be quite mischievous and are very intelligent. These cats may also be willing to walk on leash and play fetch with the same enthusiasm as a canine companion. To keep your Siamese entertained and out of trouble, provide him with puzzle toys that require him to think and move to release treats or kibble, toss a small ball for him to fetch, or teach him to walk on a leash and take him for a stroll.
The Siamese loves people of all ages, including children, He likes to be the centre of attention, but he can get along fine with dogs and other cats. In fact, it’s a good idea to have a second Siamese or other animal to keep him company if you will be gone during the day.
The modern Siamese cat is more prone to respiratory and dental problems. Other problems reported in the breed include bladder stones; eye problems like glaucoma and progressive retinal atrophy; heart problems; and certain types of cancer.
Comb the Siamese weekly with a stainless steel comb. Trim the nails as needed and brush the teeth regularly.

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