Know your breed: Beagle

Origin: Although there are no 100% reliable sources, it is known that the Beagles originated in the United Kingdom around 1800 and were hunting dogs for rabbits and hares, noted for their speed, energy and good nose. Nowadays, the breed is among the most popular in the US and Europe.

Temperament: His pitying face and prankish say a lot about you. They are stubborn, energetic, playful and independent, which can make training a certain challenge compared to other dogs. Persistence is needed to teach them, and it is best to be young, as otherwise they can become furniture destroyers of your home. In the end, all this energy makes them lovely and will surely win your heart He is also super friendly, will get along with children and soon become friends with strangers.

Essential Care: Obesity prone but it is a tough dog. If he has regular walks, to spend all his energy, and his vaccines on time, surely this pet will have a long and healthy life. Weekly brushing to remove the dead is essential, but the breed is very clean and does not usually have that “dog smell”, so your baths can be every 1 month / 1 and a half months.

Life expectancy: 10 to 15 years

Weight: 9 – 14 kg

Height: between 33 to 38 cm

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