For Vets

We help Vets to Expand their Practice and Increase Revenue

Move your practice to the cloud and increase patient engagement
Scale Your Practice, Reach Larger Customer Base
Increase case load, reduce operating costs and monetize your valuable time

The Way It Works Is Really Simple

Client Logins
Clients login to our online platform, request an appointment time and make payment upfront.
You Get Notified
You receive a notification and attend the consult at the pre-arranged time via the platform.
Start Using Our Services
Client gets access to our handy mobile app – allowing you to promote appointment, refills and products through push notifications.

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Don’t Take Our Word For It

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Dr. Jim Cooper

“Your Practice Management piece has helped me to expand my practice, I am able to take more appointments now and manage my patient load much better and oh yes, I earn much more now. I would highly recommend this to independent Vets looking to grow the practice with 0 investment.”

Dr. Elina Max

“Activ4Pets Partner Program is a good add on to my current practice as it helps me to fill my open slots and schedules, it’s really hassle-free and I never have to worry about scheduling and billing and administrative headaches as they take care of all that so that I can focus on my practice.”

Dr. Dean Landis

“I have had a wonderful experience using the Vet Practice Management Software it has helped me to increase my revenue by over 30% and also helped me streamline my operations. I book more appointments now, see more patients virtually and never have to worry about no show.”