Follow-Up Virtual Vet Visits Help Save Pet Parents Time

Between work, school, kids and of course, those dreaded errands, taking time to go see the vet can seem like a luxury for many of us pet parents. It’s not that we don’t want to go, just that finding time can be tricky.

We all know it’s important, right? Between vaccinations, rabies shots and bi-yearly check-ups, there are some very essential reasons to regularly go to the vet. Inevitably problems crop up that not only mean going to the vet once. But twice. Maybe your dog had a wound treated, maybe your vet prescribed a new medication. In these cases, your vet might just need a quick visual check that everything’s progressing well. If no further testing or treatment is required, surely there’s an easier option than traveling…?

e-Consultations are a Convenient Option for a Quick Second Visit

In certain circumstances these follow-ups can be done from the comfort of home, on your schedule.
So how does it work? Well, it’s pretty simple. You book a virtual visit with your veterinarian instead. Imagine: casually sitting at home chatting to your vet via webcam. That’s what an e-Consultation from Activ4Pets entails. You login to your A4P account, select a day and time that work for you, then meet your vet in our online chat room for the appointment.
Just like a Skype call, virtual visits allow for a two-way audio/visual communication with your vet. They can see and hear you, but most importantly they get to see your pet in their natural environment and gauge their progress. Since Activ4Pets stores all your pet’s medical records, the vet also has easy access to their health profile for quick reference.
No matter how much we reassure them, some pets do get anxious while traveling (ever try getting a cat into a travel crate!?). Many also get nervous upon arrival to the vet’s office. e-Consults help bypass that anxiety because there’s no travel involved. You also save yourself the hassle of two 30-minute journeys during rush hour (there and back).
Of course, there may be some circumstances where your vet will ask you to attend in person, even after the e-Consult. If they spot something concerning, the advice may well be to come to the practice so they can take a closer look. Or for you to monitor the issue and come in if the problem persists beyond a few days.

Is an e-Consultation Cheaper than a Regular Vet Visit?

Each veterinarian practice sets their own pricing for a virtual visit. Activ4Pets recommends a range of $25-$50 per consult. So, in some circumstances, you can save both time and money by visiting your vet online.

Should I Only Consult with my Vet Online?

Not all problems can be addressed through a virtual visit. The technology isn’t that advanced yet. But we’re working on it!
You can, however, use the platform to ask questions and seek guidance on a range of health issues. Sometimes reassurance is all you need. An e-Consultation is a great way to seek reliable advice without worrying yourself to death. Searching the web often provides more questions than answers. Talking to your vet online gets your questions answered fast by a licensed medical
Activ4Pets provides an all-in-one online health tool that enables pets to live safer, healthier, happier lives. Membership starts at just $24 per year and you can learn more about our innovative mobile app and platform here.

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