Activ4Pets and Activ Doctors Online Sponsor Business of Health Care Conference 2017

Activ Doctors Online was once again proud sponsor of the 2017 Business of Health Care Conference, hosted by the University of Miami School of Business Administration this past Friday.
The theme for this year’s conference was the ‘Post Election’ evolution of the healthcare industry and attracted more than 800 attendees. The event was organized and hosted by Prof. Steve Ullman, Director of the Center for Health Sector Management and Policy in the School of Business Administration.
Activ4Pets Founder and CEO, Florent Monssoh introduced the panel discussion entitled ‘Healthcare Policies Under the Trump Administration,’ with a short speech emphasizing the ongoing importance of telemedicine in both human and animal patient care.
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Activ4Vets, sister company to Activ4Pets, LLC Launches Veterinarian Relief Staffing Service and Platform to Assist Vet Practices and Veterinarians Expand their Business and Provide Better Care

New Relief staffing service offers traditional and virtual veterinary staffing services to maximize clinic time, service, and revenue.
LOS ANGELES, CA. March 1, 2017 – Activ4Vets, providers of veterinary relief staffing services, introduces three comprehensive solutions for veterinary staffing and consultation needs; Traditional Relief Vet Staffing, Online Relief Vet Solutions and Peer-to-Peer Specialty Consults. With the number of pet owners growing yearly, and pet parents becoming increasingly engaged with their pet’s ongoing health and wellbeing, veterinary advice and support services are in high demand both offline and online. Activ4Vets traditional vet relief staffing and virtual online services provide innovative solutions that allow veterinarians to get the staffing support they need to reach more clients, offer more flexible times, and increase the services they offer.
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Activ4Pets Mobile Health App Partners with Shelters to Save and Improve Lives of Pets

Favorite pet health tool offers reduced cost services to adopters to help them engage and manage the health of their new pet
LOS ANGELES, CA. February 22, 2017Activ4Pets, providers of online and mobile platforms that give pet parents easy access to their pet’s health information along with web-based veterinary consultations, today announced its new shelter partnership program to provide their platform to pet adopters and shelters across the nation. Shelters that partner with Activ4Pets can offer the service to adopters at a dramatically reduced rate, cutting down on paperwork and paving the way for new pet parents to engage with and easily manage the health of their new pets.
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Activ4Pets Partners with The Cat Network, Inc

We are delighted to be partnering with our Miami neighbors The Cat Network, Inc. Through their humane practice of sterilization, vaccination, and release The Cat Network is committed to reducing the overpopulation of stray and feral cats in South Florida. Thanks to their commendable work, thousands of cats and kittens have been spared a life of neglect, cruelty, or euthanization. As well as their education program, TCN offers low-cost spay and neuter services and a community of support to assist cats and their human counterparts.
The new partnership will provide A4P’s comprehensive mobile health app for Cat Network Members plus their highly-engaged social media following – with a portion of the proceeds donated back to The Cat Network. Cat owners across the land will be able to access veterinary records and an array of other health features anytime, wherever they are in the world
Jill Steinberg, on the Board or Directors of The Cat Network comments, ‘At The Cat Network, we are always looking for partners that offer innovative ways to improve care for felines. Activ4Pets empowers our members to proactively manage their cat’s health so they can be the best pet parents they possibly can. The added benefit is that this partnership helps us generate funding so we can continue our mission of saving cat lives here in Miami and beyond.’
Florent Monssoh, Activ4Pets Founder and CEO says, ‘As an organization committed to animal welfare in our local community, Activ4Pets is always pleased to partner with forward-thinking organizations in South Florida. In Jill we have found a true champion for feline health. She is deeply passionate about caring for cats and she instantly identified the benefits Activ4Pets provides for her members. We look forward to working with and assisting her clients, and of course we wish her the very best.’

Activ4Pets Announces Partnership with Shelter Buddy, a Global Shelter Management Software

Shelter buddy partnership
It is with great pleasure that we announce our new IT partnership with Shelter Buddy. Headquartered in Queensland, Australia, Shelter Buddy is a multi-functional database that assists animal welfare organizations around the world with the cataloguing and data management of the pets in their care.
As an organization committed to animal welfare, Activ4Pets is delighted to be working alongside such a renowned and innovative company. Shelter Buddy CEO Mark Townend comments, ‘At Shelter Buddy we are always looking to incorporate new technology solutions to enable our animal shelter partners gain efficiency and resources that help further their mission of saving animal lives.
‘As a result, we are thrilled to launch our partnership and IT integration with Activ4Pets. Connecting our software with Activ4Pets platform enables our shelter partners to seamlessly transfer all their adopted pets’ information and health records to the new owners’ mobile phones without lifting a finger. The exchange is completed automatically on the day of adoption, so the information is available as soon as the pet adopter arrives home.
‘Most importantly, this will help shelter staff save time spent answering follow up phone calls from pet adopters to retrieve information like vaccination histories, microchip numbers or medications. They can now access all that and more from their mobile phone should they need to share it with their veterinarian, boarder, or groomer.’
Activ4Pets’ mobile app and portal serve as a handy communication tool connecting adopters with every aspect of their pet’s life. Pet parents can use A4P to consult with their veterinarian remotely via video chat, track pet weight and wellness, set reminders and even find pet services in their local area.
Activ4Pets Founder and CEO Florent Monssoh comments, ‘Since its inception, Activ4Pets has worked diligently in the Animal Shelter community to deliver easy-to-use, convenient pet health tools to adopters and shelters alike. Shelter Buddy will enable us to assist a much wider audience of pet lovers while helping more shelters focus more directly on saving animal lives. We are truly excited to be partnering with Mark and his team.’
Townend continues, ‘I commend Florent, an already successful global IT entrepreneur for his vision of taking a state-of-the-art human telemedicine solution – Activ Doctors Online – and creating Activ4Pets to provide the same high-tech health care benefit for the beloved pets and animal welfare organizations around the globe. Through our partnership, I look forward to continuing to innovate with Activ4Pets for the benefit of animal shelters and pets.’