3 types of pet apps you must have in your smartphone

Dogs are a human’s best friend and smartphones might be your pet’s biggest ally. There are a lot of resources online that can help you as a caring pet owner. Let’s take a look at some of the best pet app features available for pet parents: Pet Apps for GPS tracking No one wants to lose their pet, but accidents do happen. Fortunately, we have moved on from missing dog posters and nowadays it is easier than ever to be reunited with your beloved pet. Tracking technology means that you follow your pet’s movements 24 hours a day, seven days a week and by combining this technology with a powerful pet app you can find out where you dog is in just a few taps.


Pet Apps to Set Routines

Having a strict daily routine is essential for your pet’s health and well being but remembering all the things you have to do from walking out, changing the litter box, taking them to the veterinary and so on, can be overwhelming. Thankfully there are a lot of pet apps that can help. Reminder apps can be useful for keeping trackof simple duties like changing the water dispenser or brushing their fur to avoid knots. Although some people may find this silly, owners with hectic lifestyles welcome an app that remembers everything for them. The better apps have integrated features and can give you a 360-degree view of your pet’s needs. For example, our app keeps all of your pet’s health information (blood type, allergies, breed, medical history, etc.) in one place. Itsends due vaccinations alerts, test results, and enables you to share all of this information with friends and family members within seconds.

Pet Apps for first-time owners

Having a pet is like having a baby: An experience filled with love, happiness, joy, and pride. But for a first-time sailor, every sea is turbulent. Luckily, there are a lot of pet apps that can help new owners navigate even the stormiest of seas. There are many options too – from basic “how-to” guides to advanced feeding and training tips.

Should I download all of them? Definitely not. Too much information is often confusing and can lead to mistakes. It is better to take the time to choose a single good app, preferably one with in integrated features. If you do need more than one make sure that there is no function overlaps that could cause confusion and errors. Everyone has different needs and preferences, so your best option is to shop around and pick a pet app that best meets your needs.

3 reason to hire a virtual veterinarian

Virtual vet care is still a new idea and although, for many people, it may seem like a novelty concept idea it does bring with it various benefits for you and your pet. Do you wonder if hiring a virtual vet would be good for you and your pet, here are 3 great reasons to help you decide:

1. A virtual vet is always available. If you like to travel with your pet you will love this service. With a virtual vet you can access health care for your pet from anywhere in the world. All you need is a smartphone and internet access and you can contact your vet and get the help you need. The days of re-scheduling your pet’s routine appointments are over.

2. Convenient and Cost Effective. Vaccines, routine appointments, medicines,bathing, and grooming are all necessities for your pet but they do take a lot of time and money. A virtual vet can help save you time, money and effort. You will not have to waste time time sitting in a waiting room, now you can contact your vet from the comfort of your own home. This means less stress for your pet too who doesn’t have to travel to the vet’s office and avoiding the transport costs is good for your bank balance. Online packages and plans are available which are specifically designed help to reduce those unexpected costs in case of emergency.

3. Consistency in health care for your pet Prevention is always better than cureand sadly a lack of resources may lead a pet owner to overlook a small health issue which could end up being the early sign of a serious illness or disease. Virtual vets can help with prevention by providing a practical and economical way of monitoring your pet’s health. With online scheduling and fair pricing there will no longer be a need for you to hesitate to check your pet’s health on a regular basis.

If these benefits were not enough to convince you, check out our virtual vet plan for more detailed information.

Vet Advantages

When you graduated in veterinary medicine did you really understand what it would be like to work in this profession? We understand the need for face-to-face consultations, but we are here to present a unique and different way of meeting your clients and their pets. Welcome to the next generation veterinary telemedicine platform. Here we’ll show you all of the functions and benefits our application can bring you, and complete instructions about how it works.

Starting with our solutions for veterinarians: Have you ever thought how easy it would be to remotely control all the information you use? There are apps for every possible need, so we’ve created one specifically to make your working life easier. You can improve connectivity with your clients, enhance the reputation of your practice and book more appointments. This is all possible with our Activ4Pets PMS; a revolutionary new way to manage your practice remotely. Of course the most important consideration is your customer: No patients, no work. When you sign up for the Vet Panel with Activ4Pets this is all taken care of. There is a customer base readily available for online consultations and opinions to suit your availability. Our team works with you to fill any openings in your schedule or to bring in additional work in your local area, adding an extra revenue stream for your practice. We also provide the opportunity for you to offer online consultations for patients. This means you can serve customers from anywhere where you have an internet connection and camera available.

When it comes to home consultations we have you covered. One of the most popular Google searches is for “vet near me” or “vet at home”. To meet the needs of those customers we have created Vet House Call which is another opportunity available to veterinarians if they are willing to travel. So those are the key features, now all you need to know is how it works. It is very simple: First, the client logs into the online platform where they can ask for an appointment. They make payment upfront and you receive a notification about the appointment. You then attend the consultation at the time arranged via the application. The client gets access to our mobile app which means you can promote appointments, reviews, medication refills and products by push notifications.

Know your breed: Beagle

Origin: Although there are no 100% reliable sources, it is known that the Beagles originated in the United Kingdom around 1800 and were hunting dogs for rabbits and hares, noted for their speed, energy and good nose. Nowadays, the breed is among the most popular in the US and Europe.

Temperament: His pitying face and prankish say a lot about you. They are stubborn, energetic, playful and independent, which can make training a certain challenge compared to other dogs. Persistence is needed to teach them, and it is best to be young, as otherwise they can become furniture destroyers of your home. In the end, all this energy makes them lovely and will surely win your heart He is also super friendly, will get along with children and soon become friends with strangers.

Essential Care: Obesity prone but it is a tough dog. If he has regular walks, to spend all his energy, and his vaccines on time, surely this pet will have a long and healthy life. Weekly brushing to remove the dead is essential, but the breed is very clean and does not usually have that “dog smell”, so your baths can be every 1 month / 1 and a half months.

Life expectancy: 10 to 15 years

Weight: 9 – 14 kg

Height: between 33 to 38 cm

What to do before you leave your pet alone at home

Most routines involve spending a long period of time outside our homes, and in this time that pets are left alone, they tend to get bored and stressed, which can result in bad behavior such as the destruction of household objects, many barking, and so on.

To avoid these bad behaviors, we need to keep our pets entertained with fun, stimulating and relaxing activities. A great activity, is to leave prepared before leaving, some pranks by your house. How about spreading the feed at a few different points for your pet to try to find? This stimulates a fun challenge for these periods alone. But remember to select easily accessible places for your pet and do not take the risk of hurting you in that food hunt.

Another solution to calm your pet in your absence is to leave an old piece of clothing for him. Being able to smell it, it will take longer for the pet to notice its absence, in addition to calming it during this period.

Finally, it is cool to leave some sound stimulus, such as the TV of your home connected. Nowadays there are several videos on the internet and even specialized TV channels for the canine public.