Activ4Vets, sister company to Activ4Pets, LLC Launches Veterinarian Relief Staffing Service and Platform to Assist Vet Practices and Veterinarians Expand their Business and Provide Better Care

New Relief staffing service offers traditional and virtual veterinary staffing services to maximize clinic time, service, and revenue.
LOS ANGELES, CA. March 1, 2017 – Activ4Vets, providers of veterinary relief staffing services, introduces three comprehensive solutions for veterinary staffing and consultation needs; Traditional Relief Vet Staffing, Online Relief Vet Solutions and Peer-to-Peer Specialty Consults. With the number of pet owners growing yearly, and pet parents becoming increasingly engaged with their pet’s ongoing health and wellbeing, veterinary advice and support services are in high demand both offline and online. Activ4Vets traditional vet relief staffing and virtual online services provide innovative solutions that allow veterinarians to get the staffing support they need to reach more clients, offer more flexible times, and increase the services they offer.

Activ4Vets delivers high quality, tailored relief staffing service backed by a world class pet telehealth platform – featuring experienced, licensed, and professional relief veterinarians. Activ4Vets relief veterinarians are recruited with a high standard code of conduct and all possess a valid DVM license for the state in which they offer services. Relief veterinarians in the Activ4pets network pass stringent background checks, including state/federal background check, verification of accredited training, and verification of active malpractice insurance. Clinics that seek relief staffing through the Activ4Vets platform are matched with staff that have the surgical and medical skills required for each assignment, to ensure a practice is well covered and supported during staff absence with qualified Activ4Vets relief veterinarians.
Activ4Vets handles administrative work, including scheduling, rate negotiations, and payments – so veterinarians can focus on what’s most important – taking care of pets and their pet parents. “Hiring a relief vet that is reliable and good fit for your practice, can be the best decision you ever make to increase your profit, care for more clients, and reduce stress over staffing and cover shifts,” said Dr. Clayton E. Jones, Chief Veterinary Medical Officer.
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Expand You Practice, Improve Your Service

The key benefits of hiring a relief vet from Activ4Vets include: filling more client appointments during busy season, eliminating lost appointments due to limited resources, covering vacation days, generating more revenue by booking more appointments on weekends, and easily covering temporary or emergency absences of other veterinarians in the practice.
In addition to traditional relief staffing, Activ4Vets can also assist with virtual consultation services leveraging its high-tech telehealth platform – including real-time review of pet health records and audio video consults to attend to clients in geographically distant locations or conduct Peer-to-Peer consults.
“Activ4Vets allows veterinarians to easily overcome staffing limitations with a range of innovative solutions,” said Florent Monssoh, CEO and Founder of Activ4Vets. “In addition to traditional staffing services, veterinarians now have a resource to cover clients for after-hours consultations or mitigate the effects of staff absences through Virtual Visits, as well as expand diagnosis options for complex cases through online Peer-to-Peer Consults.”
Secure virtual consultations are essential to avoiding the backlog caused by emergency staff absences, including sick days. Activ4Vets enables clinics to connect their clients with a licensed veterinarian via a secure virtual consultation, meaning fewer canceled appointments and improved client retention. Using Activ4Vets secure online platform, clients can convert their office visit to a virtual visit instead of rescheduling, with minor issues easily dealt with without the need for subsequent office visits.
Veterinarians can also choose to expand their current practice while reducing operation cost by offering virtual consultations as an ongoing service for their clients. Help pet parents avoid time consuming office visits for routine visits that can be handled via a virtual appointment, including follow-ups, medication reviews, or easily answered questions. The decrease in travel simultaneously reduces pet stress while increasing the number of appointments a clinic can offer. Expand your practice beyond traditional geographic visitations or the limits of normal operating hours. This increased accessibility means a high quality of care for your clients and greater revenue for your practice.
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About Activ4Vets LLC

Activ4Vets empowers veterinarians to efficiently manage their practices and optimize their productivity for the purpose of providing continuity of care while capturing additional revenue. Founded in 2016 by Entrepreneur Florent Monssoh, Activ4Vets provides convenient and reliable staffing and telemedicine solutions including Traditional Relief Vet Staffing, Online Relief Vet Solutions and Peer-to-Peer Specialty Consults.
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