Activ4Pets Mobile Health App Partners with Shelters to Save and Improve Lives of Pets

Favorite pet health tool offers reduced cost services to adopters to help them engage and manage the health of their new pet
LOS ANGELES, CA. February 22, 2017Activ4Pets, providers of online and mobile platforms that give pet parents easy access to their pet’s health information along with web-based veterinary consultations, today announced its new shelter partnership program to provide their platform to pet adopters and shelters across the nation. Shelters that partner with Activ4Pets can offer the service to adopters at a dramatically reduced rate, cutting down on paperwork and paving the way for new pet parents to engage with and easily manage the health of their new pets.

“Partnering with humane societies and providing our mobile pet health app to new pet adopters has always been an important part of Activ4Pets’ mission,” said Florent Monssoh CEO and Founder of Activ4Pets. “We want to lend a hand to the community organizations working to save the lives of these animals and empower new pet parents to fully and easily engage with the medical history of their new pets for better health and lifelong wellness.”
The partnership program will save shelter staff time in looking up and organizing pet medical history, automatically transferring each pet’s health information from the shelter management system to Activ4Pets secure servers. Once the pet is adopted, the new pet parents get Activ4Pets’ web and mobile platform, giving them instant access to their pre-loaded information about their new family member including age, breed, adoption date, allergies, vaccinations, medications, and much more. The platform also offers low cost veterinary consultations that can be conducted over webchat in their own home.
The program has already made a tremendous difference with some of its first partner shelters, including the Humane Society of Broward County. “When I learned about Activ4Pets, I knew their technology would be a game changer,” said Christopher Agostino, President and CEO for the Humane Society of Broward County. “Activ4Pets has helped our staff save countless hours of administration and enabled our shelter to generate significant revenue. Our adopters love the smartphone app and we are thrilled they have this modern, engaging tool to help care for their new pets.”
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Keeping Your Pet Healthy, Wherever You Are

Activ4Pets is designed to address some of the biggest concerns facing pet parents when it comes to the health of their pets including rising vet costs, the complications of maintaining and accessing health records (especially during travel or with new vets), and keeping up with checkups, medications, and vaccinations.
Keeping track of all the paperwork and records on a pet’s health can be daunting and complicated, especially for pets with a complicated medical history. Activ4Pets’ comprehensive mobile and web application organizes pet health information on an easy to use platform. With the user’s permission, Activ4Pets gathers information directly from veterinarians and organizes them into the user’s account for easy access from anywhere. The secure platform also has built in tools that help users keep track of medication and important checkups, with a variety of options for reminders and notifications so that users never miss an important step in the health of their pets.
The comprehensive platform helps pet parents find pet care information wherever they are, whether it’s emergency veterinary care, grooming, training, boarding, or pet-friendly hotels and restaurants.
Even more important, the app gives users access to stellar veterinary care, wherever they and their pets might be. In addition to local directories, Activ4Pets offers affordable webchat veterinary consultations as well as unlimited in-app messaging to your veterinarian. Getting emergency care in a new city? Your pet’s medical records are easily accessed from your phone. Need a second opinion? Activ4Pets can help you get one, even from your own living room. With the rising cost of veterinary care for even the simplest visits, Activ4Pets can help save pet parents’ time and money with affordable e-consults for as little at $25/per consultation. No need for pets to travel to the vet unnecessarily, and no need to pay exorbitant fees for small issues that arise – Activ4Pets web consults will let users know their best course of action.

About Activ4Pets LLC

Activ4Pets is the first company of its kind, enabling pet owners to access their pet’s complete health history and even consult with their veterinarian online – all via an easy to use web or mobile app based platform. The platform is accessible anytime, anywhere on the planet. With Activ4Pets you are never more than a click away from your pet’s wellness information.

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