Activ4Pets and Activ Doctors Online Sponsor Business of Health Care Conference 2017

Activ Doctors Online was once again proud sponsor of the 2017 Business of Health Care Conference, hosted by the University of Miami School of Business Administration this past Friday.
The theme for this year’s conference was the ‘Post Election’ evolution of the healthcare industry and attracted more than 800 attendees. The event was organized and hosted by Prof. Steve Ullman, Director of the Center for Health Sector Management and Policy in the School of Business Administration.
Activ4Pets Founder and CEO, Florent Monssoh introduced the panel discussion entitled ‘Healthcare Policies Under the Trump Administration,’ with a short speech emphasizing the ongoing importance of telemedicine in both human and animal patient care.

In his speech, Mr. Monssoh commented, “Now more than ever it is critical to provide technology solutions that help healthcare organizations save time, money and, most importantly, patient lives. Telemedicine is one of those solutions. According to an IHS Technology report, telemedicine services are positioned to explode by 2018 with an anticipated 7 million patient users, up from 350,000 patient users in 2013.
“While on the human side, telemedicine is quickly becoming mainstream for doctors and patients, 2017 is the year of the connected pet. It’s time for telemedicine to start taking off in the pet world. Our solution, Activ4Pets, is an all-in-one pet health app that gives pet parents access to all the health services they need in one convenient place – their smartphone. For a very affordable cost, users can also visit their vet online, in much less time when they cannot travel to the clinic.”
The conference was extremely informative and insightful, bringing together some of healthcare’s most prominent business minds. We would like to thank the University of Miami Miami School of Business Administration and Prof. Ullman for the opportunity to sponsor the conference and we look forward to attending next year.
Check out a selection of images from the conference below.

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