5 Tips to Raise Happy Healthy Puppy

Little girl holds a puppy on her arms

Puppy care is tons of fun as well as tons of responsibility. Here at Activ4Pets we have compiled a list of basic puppy care tips to ensure you become an AWESOME PET

#1 Health Checks

When you have a new pup, you would want to see a Vet. Depending on how old your pup is they may be due for some shots immediately. If they are not due for shots at the time then you might want to get a health check up. A Vet is most likely to give your pet some vaccinations for common illnesses. You can also use Activ4pets eConsult to do a video consultation with a vet, also a yearly membership has whole lot of benefits and can save you some dollars.

#2 Puppies Eat Whatever

You will want to ensure there’s nothing harmful in reach as a Puppy will want to put just about anything in its mouth. Usually puppies love rummaging through the trash cans. May be you would want to lock the trash cans when you aren’t around. Sometimes the things they eat can result in expensive vet trip so you got to be careful.

#3 Nails

You would want to ensure that your puppy’s nails don’t grow too long. This is something you can manage yourself, or you can have it done for your at any place that does grooming, such as a pet store as simple as that.

#4 Ears

Ears are one more area to watch out for any infection a handy check involves looking for redness in ears. Easiest way to take care of the ears to clean them with a ear cleaning solution. Also you can consult your vet what’s best in the interest of long term preventive care.

#5 Grooming

Bath, occasional brushing and haircut are all part of the grooming and each breed of dog requires different levels of grooming. It’s important to set a routine and also see what your puppy likes and enjoys.


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