5 dog breeds that coexist well with children

Studies claim that growing in a household with a pet is good for development and health. However, some dog breeds have a greater tendency to develop aggressive personalities or simply do not have the patience to deal with children. That is why we’ve listed 5 breeds that are more docile and protective.

1. Golden Retriever: It’s a very friendly breed, they have a protective instinct besides being very playful, so certainty a good choice for fun time with the children.

2. German Shepherd: They are big. We recommended this breed for those who have large area because it knows how to set perimeters and thus keep children safe even outdoors.

3. Saint Bernard: he is extremely calm, patient, protective and likes to play with children. It’s known as a “nanny” dog.

4. Maltese: Now for those who have little space at home, this is the smallest on the list. Their characteristics are playful, sociable and gentle, both with children and other dogs.

5. Beagle: It’s very active, so it’s great to spend the whole afternoon playing with the kids as well as being very docile.

It’s worth remembering that any breed, being well trained, can coexist peacefully with the children. Here, we list those who, by nature, already possess these more tame characteristics.

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