What to do before you leave your pet alone at home

Most routines involve spending a long period of time outside our homes, and in this time that pets are left alone, they tend to get bored and stressed, which can result in bad behavior such as the destruction of household objects, many barking, and so on.

To avoid these bad behaviors, we need to keep our pets entertained with fun, stimulating and relaxing activities. A great activity, is to leave prepared before leaving, some pranks by your house. How about spreading the feed at a few different points for your pet to try to find? This stimulates a fun challenge for these periods alone. But remember to select easily accessible places for your pet and do not take the risk of hurting you in that food hunt.

Another solution to calm your pet in your absence is to leave an old piece of clothing for him. Being able to smell it, it will take longer for the pet to notice its absence, in addition to calming it during this period.

Finally, it is cool to leave some sound stimulus, such as the TV of your home connected. Nowadays there are several videos on the internet and even specialized TV channels for the canine public.

Know your breed: Golden Retriever

Originally from Scotland in the nineteenth century, the Golden Retriever was first used as a hunting dog, using their soft mouth to collect birds shot down by their owners. Over time, due to his docile temperament and companionship, the Golden became a popular dog with families.

Despite its large size, the breed can adapt well in any environment, even in small apartments (considering that owners have time to do daily walks, of course). In addition, the Golden dogs are expensive to maintain because they need a lot of special care, mainly because of their fur, requiring frequent bathing and brushing.

If you choose to have a Golden Retriever as a pet, you will have a faithful companion, very docile, friendly and intelligent , occupying the # 4 position in the rank of canine intelligence.

Life expectancy: 10 to 14 years

Weight: average of 30kg

Height: between 50 and 60cm