This Valentine’s Day Let Your Pets Feel Loved

If you’re lucky enough to share your life with a pet, you already have the best valentine around! Make the Valentine Day special this year by spending it with your four-legged love. Your pet is your biggest friend and No 1 Fan. At Activ4pets we have come up with a list on how you and your furry friend can have a blast this valentine’s day.

# 1 – Go on a Hike – What better way to unwind with your pet than to get lost in the wilderness, your dog would follow you anywhere right? Plan a hiking trail or take your furry friend to the local beach to romp in the sand. Most pets just love being outdoors. Make their day!

# 2 – Give a Massage – Who doesn’t love a massage? We all need to relax sometimes. Dogs benefit from massages just like us humans. Massage lowers blood pressure and reduces stress for both the giver and receiver and takes only minutes a day. Besides, learning how to give your dog a massage is very simple. Readers should note that massage is not a substitute for veterinary care.

# 3 – Gift Box Anyone? – When it comes to gift box there’s no limit to how creative one can get. Skip the box of chocolates though, its strict no-go. How about a box of goodies that will have toys that your dog will fall in love with and how about topping it all with meaty chew bones.
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Caring for your Senior Dog

A senior dogs care requirements are very different from those of younger ones although it’s obvious the bigger question is how do you know when your dog should be considered a senior. Well it all depends on the individual breed generally big dogs age faster as compared to smaller breed dogs. Also genetics, nutrition, environment also play a role in how fast your dog ages.

Here are some tips on what you can do to help a senior dog.

Vet Check Ups – Get regular veterinary checkups for your dog. These visits increase in importance as your dog grows older, as many diseases are hidden and not apparent. At the end of the day prevention is cheaper than treatment.

High Quality Diet – As your dog grows older, he/she needs high quality and easily digestible nutrients. Talk to your veterinarian about a diet more suitable for aged dogs. Alternatively, there are plenty of commercial diets available for senior dogs. Your veterinarian can decide what your dog needs.

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