National Adopt A Shelter Pet Day: Skip the pet store and adopt a pet today!

Below are some hard facts about animal shelters right here in the U.S. (Source, ASPCA)
If you are thinking about adding a four-legged member to your family, what better day than today to do it – National Adopt A Shelter Pet Day. Today is all about generating awareness of the millions of animals in the U.S. that are abandoned, lost or given up each year that need a home. The majority of these animals are healthy, full of love and ready to bring their new forever family endless happiness and undying loyalty.
Now check out just SOME of the reasons why you should adopt a shelter or rescue animal (we could go on forever).
YOU ARE SAVING TWO LIVES and getting a best friend, all at the same time!
Sadly, as you’ll see in the above infographic, a huge number of perfectly healthy animals who have not been adopted are euthanized each year. If you adopt you are not only saving the life of the animal you take home, you are also making room in already overcrowded shelters for another another animal in need.
They are healthy
Most adoptable animals have been spayed/neutered, given all their vaccinations and received all the necessary medical screenings/treatments prior to you taking them home, which saves you the hassle of doing it and contributes to our next reason….
You Save Money
Many pets can be adopted for a very nominal fee, sometimes even for free. This is in comparison to a pet store or breeder who is likely to charge hundreds, or sometimes even thousands, of dollars. As mentioned above, animals have already been microchipped and had the necessary medical services performed prior to you even arriving at a shelter. Doing all this yourself can cost hundreds of dollars!
A Huge Selection to Choose From 
Whether it’s a cat or dog, mixed or pure breed there’s a good chance your local shelter will have the perfect friend for you.  According to the American Humane Society, it’s estimated over 25% of shelter animals are purebred. No need to go to an expensive breeder! Many shelters also conduct behavior observations of each animal so they can usually match you with a pet that fits what you are looking for.
You won’t be supporting Mass Breeding Facilities (‘Puppy Mills’)
Mass breeding facilities operate purely for profit. There is little regard for the animals wellbeing and they are usually kept in deplorable conditions. This leads to many animals being affected by medical and behavioral problems which can plague them for life, and end up costing you thousands of dollars in the long run. Sadly, these animals are often the ones you see in the pet store being sold to unsuspecting buyers.
Activ4Pets strongly supports the work of animal shelters in the U.S. We work with, and have partnered with several humane societies around the country to offer our pet health solutions to new pet parents adopting through these organizations. Most recently we sponsored the Paws 4 You Rescue Run Fur Fun charity event in Miami, FL. We hope when you, or someone you know, decide it’s time to get a pet, you will skip the pet store and head to your nearest shelter or rescue and help give a need animal a forever home!
If you’re still not convinced, you can also take a look at these myth-busting realities about shelter pets.

Activ4Pets Sponsors Paws 4 You Rescue 'Run Fur Fun 5k'


Activ4Pets has shown its support for Paws 4 You Rescue’s annual ‘Run Fur Fun’ 5k by becoming a ‘Slurp Stop’ Sponsor.

This Sunday, April 26 Paws 4 You Rescue will be holding its second annual Run Fur Fun 5k event in Miami, FL.  The event raises much needed funds to help support Paws 4 You Rescue’s operations, which benefit hundreds of dogs each year that are saved from being euthanized at Miami-Dade Animal Services – where 27,000 unwanted animals end up each year.

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