Ranked: Top 10 Disney Pets

4. Jiminy Cricket – Pinocchio
Low maintenance? Check. Winning personality? Check. Boasting an enviable set of pipes (belting out the definitive version of Disney’s classic theme When You Wish Upon A Star) and an absolutely fabulous fashion sense, Jiminy Cricket is proof that insects make great pets. And, in a world full of temptations, this little guy will help guide your moral compass through thick and thin – just give a little whistle. But don’t call him “grasshopper” or he will knock your block off.

Personality: 9/10
Companionship: 9/10
House Training: 5/10
Special Abilities: 5/10
Total: 28/40

3. Zero – The Nightmare Before Christmas
Yes, it’s a Disney movie. Loveable ghost dog Zero with his glowing jack-o’-lantern nose provides a much-needed counterpoint to Jack Skellington’s scheming shenanigans. But, as fog thicker than jellied brains descends, Zero winds up leading his master’s hair-brained mission to hijack Christmas. Doing a spot-on Rudolph impression along the way, Zero proves himself a faithful canine companion, even in spirit form. Initially rising from his doghouse tombstone, we’re reminded that dogs do indeed have souls and this one has survived far beyond doggie heaven.

Personality: 9/10
Companionship: 8/10
House Training: 5/10
Special Abilities: 7/10
Total: 29/40

2. Pongo – 101 Dalmatians
Forget Tinder. Pongo is the single most efficient wingman to help you find the one. There’s a hidden agenda, of course, because Pongo is looking for his own bedmate. Dirty dog! Then, before you know it, you’ve got 15 Dalmatian puppies on your hands, and more on the way. You’d have to be crazy about canines to select Pongo as a pet, because that number eventually grows to 99 spotty puppies. But if you have a big enough house in the country, you’re sure to love this character’s intelligence, determination and devotion to his family, against all the odds.

Personality: 8/10
Companionship: 9/10
House Training: 9/10
Special Abilities: 7/10
Total: 33/40

1. Nana – Peter Pan
“Poor Nana!” Who could fault the steadfast companionship and unflinching maternal instincts of Nana the Newfoundland? Constantly cleaning up after and caring for her charges, Nana takes the ‘man’s best friend’ moniker to new heights. Even despite the borderline abuse suffered at the hands of meanie George Darling. Yes, there is something more than questionable about the bedtime “tonic” she dispenses for the Darling children, and Wendy, John and Michael are technically kidnapped under her supervision. But to be fair, Nana is tied up in the yard as Peter, Tink and the gang flutter off to Neverland.

Personality: 7/10
Companionship: 9/10
House Training: 10/10
Special Abilities: 9/10
Total: 35/40



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