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Registering Your Pet as a Service Dog
Here at Activ4Pets we encourage all pet owners to have their digital veterinary records to hand, but for those with service animals, it’s highly recommended. Since they’re always by your side, you want a health tool that travels with you on your smartphone.
Activ4Pets helps provide peace of mind while you’re out and about because it gives you quick and easy access to your pet’s complete health profile, just in case. For added convenience we collect and upload all the information for you. Vaccines, allergies, medications, microchip number, rabies certificate, and more stored on a secure, online portal that’s always at your fingertips.
You can also store your pet’s service registration information digitally, so if you need to share certification or medical records with vets, airport staff and others you have everything you require through the Activ4Pets app.
Service Dogs
These types of dogs undertake special training to perform specific tasks for a person with disabilities. These disabilities can be both physical or psychological and include blindness, deafness, cancer, multiple sclerosis (MS), and problems with mobility among others.
Generally speaking, service dogs can easily be identified by their colored vests and tags which they are required to wear in public. The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) is a federal law which enables individuals and their service dogs to enter any and all public locations – restaurants, supermarkets, taxis, hotels, malls, etc. – there are no limitations. Additionally, service dogs are allowed to fly with their owner in the cabin of an airplane, without having to pay additional fees.
Age/Breed/Gender: No restrictions
Emotional Support Dogs
These types of dogs provide companionship and comfort to people with psychological or emotional conditions including depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder and panic attacks among others. Unlike service dogs, emotional support dogs are not required to perform tasks for their human counterpart.
The Air Carrier Access Act (ACAA) enables emotional support dogs to travel with their owner in the cabin of an airplane, without having to pay additional fees. As evidence of your emotional support dog’s status, most airlines require a written doctors note that is no more than a year old.
Age/Breed/Gender: No restrictions
Therapy Dogs
These types of dogs are often used within organizations (schools, shelters, hospitals, nursing homes, etc.) to bring happiness and comfort to anyone who may be sick, or in need of support. It is widely accepted that people can ‘open up’ to animals easier than they do people and thus, therapy dogs provide a genuine, emotional connection to particularly vulnerable individuals. For this reason, therapy dogs are usually welcomed into businesses and public locations, though owners are encouraged to request permission from each place they intend to visit.
Generally speaking, therapy dogs should be well-behaved and relaxed among groups of people, though they don’t require special training and do not need to perform specific tasks.
If you wish to register your dog as a service dog, there are many websites that enable you to apply online, providing all the documentation and resources you require.
Don’t take our word for it. See what other users say about our app.
“Activ4Pets has been wonderful to me. It has been such a help to have Bo, Remi and Sophie’s veterinary records in one spot for when I travel. There’s just too much to keep in my head. It has given me peace of mind knowing that I’m not alone dealing with all the medical issues because everything is recorded and it’s at my fingertips. For a lifetime, I will always have my dogs as part of Activ4Pets.”
Marcy, Pennsylvania