Road trip essentials for a trip with your Pet

Road trips made with Pets are the most memorable ones. Here are 4 important tips to keep in mind while travelling with your Pet on a road trip:


1. Talk to your Veterinarian
Before you start for the journey, visit your Vet at least a week ahead. Take suggestions and advice from your vet in understanding of your Pet’s special needs while travelling in a Car for long hours. Also, giving your Pet a quick exercise routine making them feel comfortable with long walks, running, outdoors and the public will make them feel comfortable during the trips and stopovers.

2. Know your routes and Identify hotels that are pet-friendly
An impromptu road trip can come with a lot of disadvantages that can cause chaos, and discomfort to both your Pet and yourself. Do not begin the trip without having a clear idea of where you are going to stop for the night. While booking stays, double check, if Pets are allowed. It could also be a great idea, to visit Pet Parks along the route and visit a few, to make your Pet play and get exposed to a new friendly environment for a change. In case of emergency, invest in Pet products like Pet beds for cars, Crates that can fit in the car along with your Pet’s daily essentials, such as their blanket and litter box must help them feel comfortable.

3. Put together a first-aid kit appropriate for Pets
Every Pet has its own set of illnesses it might be susceptible to. When putting together your medical supplies, prioritise your pets’ needs too. A first-aid kit specific to your pet will help in case of unforeseen circumstances such as motion sickness. If you are unable to get to a veterinary clinic quickly, having, supplies will go a long way. Ensure, you have Activ4Pets App installed on your smartphone. In case of an emergency, you can consult a Vet Online or opt for a second opinion through the Activ4Pets app.

4. Entertain your pet
Animals are prone to boredom and irritability in confined spaces such as those of a car or a caravan.

An Important tip: Never leave your Pet alone in your car with windows closed!

It is necessary to keep them occupied to keep their mind off the claustrophobia and reduce the effects of motion sickness. To accomplish this, don’t forget to pack your dog or cat’s favourite toy. If the drive gets too monotonous and you can feel your pet getting reckless then stop. Take a few minutes to let your pet stretch its legs.

Apart from the above pointers, it is also important to train yourself to handle emergencies concerning your pet. Download pet-related apps, keep extra food, and keep in mind that the most important thing is to have fun!

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