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You shop online. You bank online.
Now you can manage your pet's health online.

Activ4Pets collects your pet's entire health history
to make it available anytime, anywhere.

It's perfect for when you're at the groomers, boarders, while
traveling or in an emergency. We also provide e-Consultations
and Peer-to-Peer Consults for a full suite of Health solutions.

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You shop online. You bank online. Now you can manage your pet’s health online.

An online Pet Health Record is the easy way to keep track of your animal’s well-being. It gives you all the information you need, whenever you need it. The Activ4Pets platform provides owners 24/7 worldwide access to their pet’s health history including medications, vaccinations, surgery reports, x-rays, test results and more.

Pet Health Records are accessible from any device with an internet connection and via our iPhone or Android apps. The easy point of access means there’s no need to fork out for expensive duplicate tests anymore, and potentially lifesaving health data is never more than a click away.

What’s more, you can share this information with friends, family, boarders and veterinarians, making travel with or without your four-legged friend easier than ever.

Benefits of the Pet Health Record (PHR):

  • Sends you an alert when your pet’s vaccinations are due
  • Records all test results and outcomes from prior vet visits
  • Stores previous X-Ray and MRI films for easy access
  • All clinical data is collected by the Activ4Pets team
  • Easy, convenient access with the ability to edit information

Each Activ4Pets membership comes with Medical Record Assistance. You sign a release form, we contact your vet (or vets) and retrieve your pet’s entire health history, creating a unique profile available from our platform. For added assurance, all information is protected by military-level security.

To complete our comprehensive pet health package, Activ4Pets also gives members access to online veterinarian services including e-Consultations and Second Medical Opinions.

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