PAWS (People and Animal Wellness Solution)


Our Founder and CEO, Mr Florent Monssoh introducing “PAWS” (People and Animal Wellness Solution) at a Health Conference held at University of Miami.

As a forerunner in the telemedicine industry, we are very proud to launch this innovative solution for both People and Animal which would definitely create a huge impact on the healthcare industry.

PAWS is a community program in the pet industry designed to further improve human and animal wellness by empowering people with modern mobile healthcare integrated tools such as Activ4Pets and Activ Doctors. According to National Institute of health, Human Animal Bond Research Initiative and University of Denver 56% of U.S Household own a pet and pet owners are less likely to suffer a wide range of mental health disabilities including anxiety, post-traumatic stress, and other disorders.

Also, 132 Million pet owners visit a doctor 0.6 times less than average on comparing with the non-pet owners, resulting in a cost savings of $11.37 Billion. Apparently, our life has become easier when we associate with pets.

With a Program like PAWS, we are providing a 21st-century technology through information systems to keep both pets and humans proactively engaged in their health.

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