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A New Approach to Pet Care

You shop online. You bank online.
Now you can manage your pet's health online.

Activ4Pets collects your pet's entire health history
to make it available anytime, anywhere.

It's perfect for when you're at the groomers, boarders, while
traveling or in an emergency. We also provide e-Consultations
and Peer-to-Peer Consults for a full suite of Health solutions.

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A New Approach to Pet Care


How it Works

1. Sign Up

Once you’ve signed up for an Activ4Pets Membership, our staff contact your veterinarian/s to retrieve medical records and build up a comprehensive profile for your pet. This information includes prescriptions, vaccinations, allergies, surgery reports, conditions, test results, screenings, X-Rays, MRIs, CT scans, insurance information, date of birth and much more. The information is stored in our cloud and you can access it anytime you need to using your username and password.


2. Access your Pet’s Online Health Record

Login to the Activ4Pets platform or download our mobile app to access your Pet’s Health Record whenever you need to. You can login anywhere in the world, from any device with an internet connection, plus edit and update the PHR as and when required. As well as the potential to save money, Activ4Pets enables you to track your pet’s weight, set reminders, manage food plans, add and share pet pictures, message other members and much more.


3. Veterinarian Services

Activ4Pets offer e-Consultations and Peer-to-Peer Consults as additional services to our members. e-Consultations are great way to connect with your vet while traveling, or if you need advice outside regular office hours. Peer-to-Peer Consults expand treatment and diagnosis options for your veterinarian, offering you the peace of mind that you’re making the best health decisions for your beloved pet. Veterinarian Services are charged separately on a per-use basis.

Check out our Video to learn more: