Holiday Safety Tips for Pets


The holidays are loads of fun for people. Unfortunately, they can sometimes have severe consequences for your pet’s health and safety. Read below for some important tips on how to keep your pet’s safe during your holiday celebrations.

Keep Pets Indoors When Possible

The holidays can get loud, and this can be incredibly frightening and stressful for you pets. Fireworks and loud music are the main culprits, so what can you do? Try placing your pet somewhere quiet and comfortable with their favorite toy and, if possible, the TV or radio on to help mask those scary outside noises!

Ensure Your Pet is Identifiable

Pets can be easily spooked – a loud bang would most likely do the trick. This can send them fleeing in a panicked attempt to escape the noise. In case your pet decides to do a runner and becomes lost, make sure that it can be easily identified. A microchip and a collar tag with your details engraved are probably the best options so when your pet is found you can easily be reached and reunited.

No Alcohol For Pets

This one doesn’t need any justification. Just don’t do it, it is never a good idea!

Check The Temperature

This is particularly important during 4th of July celebrations which fall right in the middle of summer. Pets can overheat very easily so it’s important to know the signs of heat stroke and ensure your pet is kept cool and comfortable. If not, it’s probably best to leave them at home or indoors.

VERY IMPORTANT: Remember to NEVER leave ANY animal unattended in your car for ANY reason!!!

Human Food Is For Humans

Sure the occasional treat here and there for your pet is OK (it’s also pretty hard to say no to the sad puppy look). If you have visitors to your home it can be hard to keep track of people giving your pet a “treat” and how much they may have eaten. Things like Chicken bones and ribs can also pose a choking hazard for your pet. The best policy here is to avoid giving your pet people food altogether and instead buy them a few special treats of their own to help celebrate the holidays!

Traveling with pets? 

Make sure you check out our previous post on this subject for helpful tips on traveling with your pets.

If in the unlikely event you do need to take a trip to the pet emergency room it’s important to make sure you can easily provide the vet with your pet’s complete medical history. The easiest way to do this is by having your pet’s health records accessible from anywhere, at any time- that’s where we can help with our Online Pet Health Records.

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