Health Benefits of Pets

We all know how adorable and loving our pets are. But did you know by owning a pet you’re already leading a healthier lifestyle than those who don’t?
Well, it’s true. These benefits include improvements to both your mental and physical health. So now you have a new reason to be thankful for your pets!
So how are you living a healthier life?
A combination of the pet’s presence and taking them on their daily walks decreases your blood pressure and cholesterol levels, putting yourself at a lower risk for future heart issues. You are also doing your body great favors since you are getting your daily dose of exercise in.
Think the benefits only apply to dog owners? Think again. If you have a cat, you are at a lower risk for a stroke. Cats seem a bit more helpful in lowering stress, blood pressure, and cholesterol levels, therefore decreasing the chances of a stroke.  So go ahead and thank your pet!
For people with diabetes, dogs can be trained to detect when their owners blood sugar level is low by a certain chemical in the breath. When this happens, they will get your attention and tell you to eat or check your insulin levels. Similarly, if you have epilepsy, dogs can be trained to recognize the signs of an oncoming seizure. Service dogs can also be (extra) helpful by carrying their owners medicines and remind them when to take it. Incredible, right?
Your pets also keep your children healthier. Not only by keeping them active, but by boosting their immune system too. If you had a pet around your baby, there is a good chance that this actually enhanced your child’s immune system, including their resistance to the common cold, ear-infections, and asthma. So no — pets are not dangerous to your children.

Social Benefits

It’s a known fact that pets have a magnetic pull. Because really, who can resist stopping to pet a cute little dog? When there is a pet around, it increases socialization and people tend to bond more. For this reason, families with pets tend to be closer!
Remember how dogs in the workplace increase productivity and decrease stress levels? Well, the same benefits apply for pets at home. Having pets around will increase the overall mood of your household and decrease any stress levels. Coming home to a happy puppy or a kitten, is the perfect way to end any day!
Since pets generate a rather happy and stress-free environment, anxious people are advised to get dogs (or any pet) to calm them down. Having furry friends around not only decreases stress levels, but also improves your mood and boosts your self esteem! Your pets will love you unconditionally, so coming home to a wagging tail, makes all the stressful days worth it.
Beyond that, dogs serve a helpful way to increase socialization and understanding to children with Autism and ADHD. They provide the constant support, patience, and attention the child needs, as well as teaching them to reciprocate the same. What could be better than a dog that helps kids make friends? Basically cats and dogs are little heroes that help us lead healthier lives and always have our backs!

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