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Do you currently offer any benefits or discounts specifically for your pet owning employees?

We offer our one-of-a-kind pet health membership app, now at an EXCLUSIVE corporate discount

Most of the companies work with us in two ways :

  1. The company picks up either all or the partial cost of this $12 for the employee that enrolls their pet in this service.
  2. If your company has already set your budget for the year, don’t worry, simply offer us to your employees at the exclusive corporate discount of $12 per year at the responsibility of each interested employee.

What is Activ4Pets:

Activ4Pets is a pet health company that provides telemedicine and communication solutions to our members for their pets health. Our goal is to empower and engage them in the proactive management of their pet’s health through activ4pets cutting edge technology to have access 24/7 saving time, money and in many cases a pets life. Through our mobile app and desktop portal, our members are able to access their medical records, receive reminders  of what’s vaccinations are due and what allergies the pet has  and even see a veterinarian remotely for simple concerns.

Activ4Pets is the first company of its kind to build an online platform which conveniently connects the pet and pet owner directly to their Pet Health Records and to a Vet at any time. For a pet parent, two key things play a vital role, the access to medical records of the pet and the convenience of connecting with a Vet. Activ4Pets provides both features in our one-of-a-kind platform! What sets us apart and provides our competitive edge from other companies in the market is our unique ability to provide e-consultations with Vets and accessibility to answers and help at any time!

Click on image to watch the short animated video:

Activ4Pets enables employees to have

  • Have flexibility and the ability to access care resources quickly and efficiently 24/7
  • Miss fewer work hours due to vet visits
  • Save money on ER visits
  • Track every aspect of your pet’s health and set reminders through our online platform and mobile app(reminders, vaccinations, allergies)
  • Have an on-demand, secure e- Consultation with a licensed veterinarian right from home or the workplace
  • Obtain an expert second opinion from a board certified specialist veterinarian within 48 hours
  • Have access to modern, pet-friendly health solutions that fit around your every day life

Key Benefits for Company/Employees

  • SAVE MONEY & INCREASE PRODUCTIVITY by reducing employee absenteeism due to pet sickness
  • EMPOWER EMPLOYEES with an intuitive tool to pro-actively manage pet health (computer/smart-phone)
  • RECRUIT, REWARD, RETAIN your current and future employees by offering diverse benefit options

Pricing (Employee) and Membership Features

  • Standard Retail pricing is $144.00 membership per year 
  • Exclusive Corporate Employee Price $12 membership per year  ( Bonus Included: up to 4 pets+ 1 Complimentary eConsult(audio video consult) + 1 Second Medical Opinion Major heath issue. I.e. Cancer, diabetes  and unlimited chat with  Vet for peace of mind questions.


  • Activ4Pets employee program is extremely easy to implement. We will provide you with all the customized marketing materials so there is no added work on your end.
  • Corporation is provided company specific Activ4Pets Promo Code, Email/Intranet Offer Messaging and Link to Sign Up page. 
  • Employees go to online sign up page, enter promo code, create account and purchase $12 subscription and they are ready to be proactive pet parents with Activ4Pets.

For more information or to have your company signed up to receive this exclusive benefit, please contact Daniel Meloff @