Activ4Pets Finalists in First Ever National “Pet Project” Pitch Competition For Innovations In Pet Industry


SAN DIEGO and SAN FRANCISCO, July 19, 2017

Pet tech brands, PetCoach and Whistle, today announced the finalists for Pet Project 2017, the first national pitch event dedicated to innovations in the pet industry announced on June 6, 2017.… Read more

How do we Tackle Pet Obesity?


Over the past 20 years, obesity has increased in dogs and cats, despite myriad efforts by veterinarians, veterinary societies, academicians, technicians, drug companies, and entire organizations devoted to the problem (e.g. the Association for Pet Obesity Prevention). The question is: Why? In my experience it is usually down to perceptions of the issue and willingness to change behaviors.… Read more

Hypothyroidism in Dogs

Hypothyroidism refers to the insufficient production of T3 and T4 hormones from the thyroid gland, a butterfly-shaped organ located in the neck. This can lead to a decreased metabolic rate in pets – meaning they don’t burn calories as quickly.

overweight-dog-hypothyroidismRead more

The Potential Dangers of Raw Food Diets


Raw food diets have gained huge popularity among dog owners in recent years. Supposedly because they are more in line with what a canine’s ancestors (wolves) consume. But haven’t dogs’ digestive systems adapted since they first became domesticated? And, if this is true, wouldn’t feeding them foods they’re no longer used to eating be harmful? Let me be clear: raw diets are a fad, and they may be endangering your pet.… Read more

Adopting a Shelter Pet: Are You Ready For it?


The idea of pet adoption is appealing for most people. And with good reason – there are many fine shelter animals out there just waiting for a new home. And who wouldn’t want a cute new dog/cat/bunny/parrot in their life? But before you jump head first into adoption, there’s a few important things to consider. First and foremost – are you and your family ready for the responsibility of adding a family member – a new life which demands care and attention?

Activ4Pets has put together this handy guide to help walk you through the process of shelter pet adoption.… Read more

Activ4Pets Launches Corporate Partnership Program to Help Employers Offer Pet Friendly Benefits

Activ4Pets, providers of online and mobile platforms that give pet parents easy access to their pet’s health information along with web-based veterinary consultations, today announced the launch of its corporate partnership program. The program allows companies to provide employees with access to a suite of veterinary and pet health management tools, including low cost e-consults with licensed veterinarians.


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5 Amusing Reasons Why Pets Make the Best Children


There are plenty of good reasons to love your pets. They’re always so happy to see you, want endless cuddles and obey your every command. Well, mostly. With Mother’s Day fast approaching, we thought we take a look at all those silly but amusing reasons why pets make great ‘children’. Now, this isn’t a competition between human and animal children, just a bit of fun.… Read more

Activ4Pets Appoints New Chief Veterinary Officer


New Appointee brings wealth of veterinary knowledge, experience, and expertise to help advance veterinary telemedicine platform, helping pet parents engage proactively with pet health

LOS ANGELES, CA. May 5th, 2017 – Activ4Pets, provider of online and mobile platforms that give pet parents easy access to their pet’s health information along with web-based veterinary consultations, is pleased to announce the appointment of Dr. Kevin Ross Kimber, M.S., D.V.M. as its new Chief Veterinary Medical Officer. Dr. Kimber brings over 15 years of veterinary experience to Activ4Pets and will provide progressive veterinary leadership for Activ4Pets’ Mobile health platform, including guidance on best practices for Activ4Pets preventative pet health care resources to help pet parents be more proactive about their pet’s well-being. Dr. Kimber will serve as the Chief Veterinary Medical Officer of Activ4Pets and well as its sister company, Activ4Vets, which provides staffing and peer consultation services to veterinary professionals.… Read more

Follow-Up Virtual Vet Visits Help Save Pet Parents Time

Between work, school, kids and of course, those dreaded errands, taking time to go see the vet can seem like a luxury for many of us pet parents. It’s not that we don’t want to go, just that finding time can be tricky.

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Understanding Feline Diabetes


Diabetes has risen sharply in our feline friends over the past decade or so – attributed to more cats being overweight. It can be a very serious and sometimes life-threatening disease. But, if caught and treated early, remission is possible. Though, your cat can become insulin-dependent for the rest of their life should diagnosis and treatment be delayed.

So what is feline diabetes? The most simple way to describe diabetes is with two words – Sugar and Insulin. Insulin is a hormone produced by the pancreas which helps a cat’s body regulate the flow of glucose (sugar) from the bloodstream into the cells. Cells use glucose to run cellular functions and provide energy to your cat’s entire body. If the insulin supply is low, cells won’t function well. And, without insulin the cat’s body instead breaks down more fat and protein to supply energy, meaning the excess glucose stays in their bloodstream. Cats with diabetes therefore tend to eat more without gaining weight.… Read more