Who’s Responsible for Preventative Care?

According to The 2015 State of Pet Health Report from Banfield Pet Hospital, 81% of pet owners say they believe that they (not the vet) are responsible for preventive care. It says:

“For many pet owners, interactions with their veterinarian are not meeting their expectations and are seen as transactional… They’re tied to specific services, like vaccines or parasite control.”

Are we happy with this assessment? And if not, how can we improve the veterinarian-client relationship and provide more hands-on assistance?

vet with kitten interacting with young boy
Image Credit: Hello Kitty, by myfuture.com, used under CC BY-ND 2.0
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Make Telemedicine Work for You

Modern telemedicine feels a bit likes science fiction – tap a few buttons and boom: your doctor’s face, on a screen. According to BCC Research, the telehealth market is expected to reach more than $27 billion by 2016, and experts see the veterinary telemedicine market growing in step. Just Google the term “veterinary telemedicine” and you get more than 217,000 results!


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Activ4Pets Sponsors Paws 4 You Rescue ‘Run Fur Fun 5k’


Activ4Pets has shown its support for Paws 4 You Rescue’s annual ‘Run Fur Fun’ 5k by becoming a ‘Slurp Stop’ Sponsor.

This Sunday, April 26 Paws 4 You Rescue will be holding its second annual Run Fur Fun 5k event in Miami, FL.  The event raises much needed funds to help support Paws 4 You Rescue’s operations, which benefit hundreds of dogs each year that are saved from being euthanized at Miami-Dade Animal Services – where 27,000 unwanted animals end up each year.… Read more

4 Must Have Apps to Keep Your Pet Happy And Healthy

There are apps out there for pretty much anything you can think of. Some are useful, others not so useful. Somewhere in this vast ocean of mobile applications are some that can help pet owners maintain the health and well-being of their furry friends. We have chosen 4 that we think should be at the fingertips of all pet parents looking out for their pet’s health and safety!

 1. Activ4Pets

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