University of Miami Offers Activ4Pets as New Employee Benefit

//University of Miami Offers Activ4Pets as New Employee Benefit

University of Miami Offers Activ4Pets as New Employee Benefit

University of Miami pet owner employees have a new way to save time and money with the Activ4Pets animal health app

MIAMI, FL, October 23, 2017 – Open enrollment has kicked off for many healthcare organizations and corporations across the US. Among the insurance copays and pension plans, several companies are standing out by providing pet-friendly benefits for the very first time. With over 14,000 employees, the University of Miami (UM) has long been a beacon of teaching, healthcare, research, and education. It’s fitting, then that UM has partnered with another local community leader, Activ4Pets, to provide mobile health benefits especially for pets. The Activ4Pets platform gives pet parents easy access to veterinary health information (vaccines, allergies, x-rays and more) along with web-based veterinarian consultations, thus providing UM employees with a unique new way to care for their pets at work and on the go.

The link between good human health and pets has been firmly established, and the majority of pet owners consider their furry friends to be part of the family. As a result, a growing number of organizations and workplaces are becoming more pet friendly. And, being an industry innovator, UM has recognized the need to introduce new pet-friendly solutions and employee benefits.
Nerissa E. Morris, VP for Human Resources said, “At the University of Miami, as a leader in teaching, research and clinical care, we are always looking for new tools and benefits that will empower our employees to be healthier, happier and more productive. Activ4Pets is an innovative pet parent app that many of our employees with pets can now have as a modern-day perk. The app will allow them to take better care of their pets at home, and to have greater peace of mind by being more prepared with their pet’s information and vet care access when they need it at work or elsewhere. UM offering Activ4Pets not only engages employees with pets, it can save time and money on vet care, and recognizes the importance of pets in families. I’m pleased to partner with Activ4Pets as the first university to offer this employee benefit.”


The move has certainly gone down well with UM staff with thousands of employees electing to opt in at open enrollment and online so far. Florent Monssoh, CEO and Founder of Activ4Pets who personally attended the events said, “We thank Nerissa Morris and commend her progressive leadership and vision for making this partnership possible. It has been a pleasure to meet so many engaged pet owners and we are honored to be part of UM’s movement to empower employees with Activ4Pets as a new benefit for pet parents.”


UM is part of a growing movement that embraces pets in the workplace. Banfield Pet Hospital’s 2016 survey of 1,006 employees and 200 Human Resources decision makers found that over 80% percent of employees believe a pet-friendly workplace leads to increased productivity, improved company loyalty, and lowers employee stress levels.
As such, Activ4Pets presents employers the opportunity to offer a unique, comprehensive, and compassionate pet-friendly benefit that not only helps employees engage more easily with their pet’s health, but also helps control and minimize pet related employee absenteeism.
Through the corporate partnership program, annual subscriptions to Activ4Pets are available for just $12 per person, per year. To register interest and obtain more information, please visit this page.

About University of Miami:
The University of Miami Health System delivers leading-edge patient care by the region’s best doctors, powered by the groundbreaking research and medical education of the University of Miami Leonard M. Miller School of Medicine. As South Florida’s only university system, UHealth is a vital component of the community.
About Activ4pets LLC:
Activ4Pets is the first company of its kind, enabling pet owners to access their pet’s complete health history and even consult with their veterinarian online – all via an easy to use web portal or mobile app. The platform is accessible anytime, anywhere on the planet. With Activ4pets you are never more than a click away from your pet’s wellness information.
For more information, visit

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