Top 5 Family-Friendly Dog Breeds


So you’re thinking about getting a new dog, huh? Congratulations! A new pup is bound to bring you and your family closer together and provide some extra companionship for everyone. Question is: which breed are you thinking about getting? Do you know which qualities you’re looking for, or do you want a dog to please everyone?… Read more

6 Common Canine Respiratory Infections


Infections of the upper respiratory tract (URT) are quite common in dogs and usually affect young pups, unvaccinated dogs and those with poor immune mechanisms. Unlike cats, dogs rarely develop asthma or allergic respiratory disease. In cases of respiratory tract infections, two signs are most commonly noticed – labored breathing (dyspnoea) and increased breathing rate (tachypnea).… Read more

5 Common Zoonotic Diseases


Diseases which can be transferred from animals to humans are known as zoonotic diseases. Humans can acquire these infections through a variety of means including airborne pathogens or through bites and saliva.… Read more

5 Socialization Tips for Shelter Dog Adopters


Many of our members adopt adult shelter dogs having never owned a pet before. And, while we commend them for their good deed, it is important to point out there will be a period of transition and it’s likely there will be a few challenges along the way. Understandably, some shelter dogs will experience stress when they move to a new home and consequently might be apprehensive or fearful about social interactions with people and other animals. Don’t be put off. It’s your job to show them a loving environment in which they can flourish.… Read more