The Secret Life of Your Pets

//The Secret Life of Your Pets

The Secret Life of Your Pets

Exciting news: The Secret Life of Pets is released in theaters this weekend. And it’s probably got you wondering: “What does my pet get up to after I leave the house?”


Although the answer probably doesn’t involve heading outside, being dog-napped, or joining an abandoned pet gang to rebel against mankind (like in the movie)… they probably still manage to have some fun.

A quick search on YouTube reveals some hilarious videos of pets getting caught in the act, doing things they shouldn’t be. It seems like all animals have an inherent mischievous side which only makes us love them more. Right? To help usher in your weekend, here are a couple of our favorite videos of clumsy, rambunctious, naughty, but lovable pets! Enjoy!

First, we have Tank, who may have gotten a little carried away trying to help his master clean up, but acquired a stylish new fashion accessory in the process.
And then there’s Denver, who can’t help himself, even when he knows the punishment that awaits…


Like the pet parents featured above, people have been trying for years to record their pets and catch them red-handed. They leave cameras scattered around the house and some even go as far as strapping GoPros to collars. Basically doing anything to give them a glimpse into the secret life of their own pet. Some people just miss their furry friends too much!

All joking aside, leaving our pets alone all day is a big concern for most pet parents. Unfortunately, many offices are still lagging in having pet-friendly policies that allow animals in to the workplace! Thankfully mobile technology solutions like the Activ4Pets app can help pet parents find local services – pet sitting or daycare – that give you your pet’s vaccination record and much more right at the push of a button, to ensure the best care. There are also several cool cameras on the market that essentially enable you to FaceTime your pets while you’re out and about.

These cameras provide a live audio/visual feed, allowing you to see and talk to your pet. But don’t expect a two-way conversation! Some are even equipped with laser pointers that you can control remotely! This may sound crazy, but it gives your pet the chance to stretch their joints and have some fun, even while you’re miles away. Guess it beats sleeping all day! Obviously, training your pet to be familiar with the cameras is probably wise. Otherwise, the experience might be a bit scary and alarming for them.

Does your pet have any cheeky habits while you’re out of the house? Wish you could see what they’re up to while you’re gone? Share your funniest stories in the comments below or on our Facebook page. And, of course, enjoy The Secret Life of Pets this weekend!

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