6 Techy Holiday Gifts for Pets (and their Parents)

//6 Techy Holiday Gifts for Pets (and their Parents)

6 Techy Holiday Gifts for Pets (and their Parents)

Stuck on what to get your furry friend (or your human friends with fur-babies) this holiday season? Well, gadgets, gizmos and tech are not just for humans anymore.

Whistle Activity Monitor

$79, whistle.com
Like a Fitbit for pets, this monitor attaches to your pet’s collar and uses information such as weight, age and breed to crunch data about your pet’s periods of activity and rest. You can even set and chart health goals and behavior patterns with an app!
The company recently incorporated Tagg Tracker, which uses a GPS system to keep tabs on your pet’s location. If you pet strays, it alerts you with an email and/or text message then you can locate your pet using the app.


$349; petchatz.com
Not only can you see your pet, but they can see you. PetChats connects to your WiFi to allow easy two-way video calling no matter where you are in the world! A special ring tone let’s them know you were calling, and – as if that wasn’t enough to drool over – you can give them treats!There is also an accessory that lets them easily call you with the tap of paw. Don’t worry – you control when calls go through.

Passport Pet Access Smart System Door

$230, petsafe.com
This smart pet door can be programmed to allow entry or exit for up to 20 (yikes!) specific pets via a Passport Key™ that attaches to their collars.
The Passport Key™ uses Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology to create a unique code for your pet.

Ultra Calmer

$74.95; www.petacoustics.com
This is intended to provide stress relief for dogs that are scared of thunderstorms and fireworks. The Ultra Calmer from Pet Acoustics plays pre-loaded music to calm your dog for up to three hours.If you’re looking for something off the collar, the company also has a line of speakers preprogrammed with soothing music designed for dogs, cats, horses and birds.

Motorola Scout 5000

Coming Soon $199; binatoneglobal.com
You have a Fitbit, your kids have iPhones. Shouldn’t your dog have a smart device too? Motorola thinks so.
The Scout 5000, A “smart collar” built with GPS, a video camera, Wi-Fi connectivity, geofencing and activity tracking, plus a built-in speaker, so you can give commands remotely.The downside? All those features make it pretty big – about the size of a real cellphone. Actually, it’s literally a smartphone for your dog – meaning it requires a service plan (in this case, 3G) in order to take full advantage of all the features.


Plans starting at $24/year for up to 4 pets
As long as we’re shopping around for smartphones for our pets, we should check out some cool apps, right? You already shop online and bank online, now you can manage your pet’s health online.Remember that time you went to the groomers and they needed proof of vaccinations? (Not the tag, the actual document. What a pain!) Now you can have it, wherever you go. A pet health record from Activ4Pets puts your animal’s health history in the palm of your hand.
The app also gives you access to unique tools that you and your veterinarian can use to ensure your pet’s health for years to come (meaning they’ll have tons of time to play with all the other cool stuff on this list 😉 ). Sign up now >>

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