4 Must Have Apps to Keep Your Pet Happy And Healthy

//4 Must Have Apps to Keep Your Pet Happy And Healthy

4 Must Have Apps to Keep Your Pet Happy And Healthy

There are apps out there for pretty much anything you can think of. Some are useful, others not so useful. Somewhere in this vast ocean of mobile applications are some that can help pet owners maintain the health and well-being of their furry friends. We have chosen 4 that we think should be at the fingertips of all pet parents looking out for their pet’s health and safety!
 1. Activ4Pets
So, we’re a little biased on this one. However, Activ4Pets is a very useful tool. The desktop and mobile platforms provide members with easy access to their pet’s entire health record, which is compiled and uploaded for you by the Activ4Pets team.  It also provides members with convenient, affordable access to video consultations with a network of top vets who can also provide second opinions. This is the only service that offers all three solutions in the one platform accessible 24/7. You can learn more about these services here.
Activ4Pets is available in multiple languages for iPhone and Android. (Sign-Up through website required).
 2. Pet tracker
Do you have a dog that likes to escape or a cat that goes out on long adventures? Then the value in this app from Tagg is obvious. The service uses a GPS Tag that easily attaches to your pet’s collar. Once the tracker is installed, the accompanying app allows pet parents to keep track of where their pet is, the conditions surrounding their pet (whether it is too hot or  cold) and monitor the animal’s activity levels. You do have to purchase the GPS tracking tag for around $69USD + $9.95 a month for the GPS Service to begin using the Tagg app.
Tagg is available for iPhone and Android.
3. Animal Poison Control Center Mobile App
This is a very handy app developed by the ASPCA. Ever seen your cat or dog having a munch on some grass or a plant and wonder if it could be bad for them? This app has a wealth of knowledge on substances that may be harmful to pets. The information in this app is cleverly categorized and uses helpful imagery to determine the toxicity of a certain substance to a certain species of pet.
With spring time in full effect, this app could be very useful for those who are shopping for new plants or flowers for the garden.

Available for iPhone and Android.
 4. Pet First Aid
This app from the American Red Cross and provides useful health info for pet owners. It provides advice on how to administer medication, what to do in case of emergency, early warning signs checker for preventative care and first aid steps for over 25 common pet situations + more! Of course, this is not intended to be a replacement for veterinary care. If you are experiencing an emergency you need to contact your vet right away.

Available on iPhone, Android and Kindle Fire.
So there you have it, a short, but useful, list of tools that will allow pet parents to ensure the health and well-being of their beloved pet. Again, if you have any major concerns about your pet’s health and well-being it is best to speak with your vet.
Know of a cool app or service you think should be on this list, let us know on Facebook or Twitter.

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