Simple Ways to Celebrate Your Pet

//Simple Ways to Celebrate Your Pet

Simple Ways to Celebrate Your Pet

Today is all about wagging tails and wiggling whiskers.

Pets show us unconditional love, and they ask for very little in return – except for food, treats, and your constant, undivided attention.
Well, today is their day. Today is National Pet Day, the day we should all celebrate just how awesome our pets are. So what can you do to show your pet that extra bit of love and how much their friendship means to you?
Millions of things! But, if you’re short on plans because you waited until the last minute like I did, here are a few ideas to get you started.

8 Simple Ways to Celebrate Your Pet

Get Outside

Take your dog for an extra lap around the block, or to the dog park where they can run wild with all the other dogs. Getting outdoors is great for them and it’s great for you (make sure the focus is on them of course!).

Organize a play date with your pet’s friends.

At your place or theirs, a playdate is an easy, low-stress way to let your dog burn off energy and get some valuable social time with other dogs.

Buy them something pretty

For those fashion-forward pets, head to your local pet supply store beforehand and get them a new leash or collar, then take them around so they can show off their fancy new threads to all their friends around the neighborhood.

…or get creative

Are you crafty? You can find all kinds of fun ideas online (cough, Pinterest, cough), and many of them won’t cost you a dime.
If your creativity comes out in the kitchen, making homemade treats is a fun project that will have your pet eating out of the palm of your hand, literally. Just be sure not to overdo it or they’ll be lying around with a tummy ache!

Bust out the catnip

Rub some catnip on your cat’s favorite toys, or plant some in the garden. Now it’s a party!

Hit the road!

Admit it, as much as you love traveling with your friends and family, the best co-pilot has 4 legs and fur. So pile in, fuel up and go!
Whether your trip is just to that new dog park across town or a full-blown cross country adventure, here are some tips for safe travel with your pet by your side.

Attention, Attention and more ATTENTION.

Duh! The dogs especially will love this, they will take the attention for as long as you are able to give it. Your cat will let you know when they’ve had enough. We wouldn’t want to stress them out on their special day.

Love a shelter pet!

We know you pet is pretty awesome. Probably the best ever. But there are hundreds of potential pets waiting for their forever homes. Reach out to your local shelter and see how you can help give back in honor of National Pet Day. Shelters always need donations like towels, food, and treats, or you can donate your time by fostering or volunteering.

How are you planning on celebrating National Pet Day? Leave your suggestions in the comments, or tell us on Twitter or Facebook


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