5 Ways to Love Your Pets on Love Your Pet Day

//5 Ways to Love Your Pets on Love Your Pet Day

5 Ways to Love Your Pets on Love Your Pet Day

Valentine’s has been and gone and maybe your four-legged family member missed out on some of the affections. Fear not – February 20th is International Love Your Pet Day – giving you another opportunity to lavish your pet with loving.

I know what you’re thinking: “I love my pet every day”, but here are five ideas to make today extra special for that furry friend in your life:

1. Grooming Session!

Chances are it’s been a while since you last groomed your pet. Like their human counterparts, most pets relish the chance for a bit of grooming. There are many benefits including promoting a manageable, matt-free coat, stimulating good circulation and reducing the buildup of grease and grime. Furthermore, the more often you groom him the better you get to know him, both physically and mentally. And afterwards, why not award him for his accommodating behavior with a favorite treat.

2. Training

Imagine being stuck indoors all day… boring isn’t it? By the time you get home you’re tired and usually have a bunch of chores to do. Your pet on the other hand is raring to go, and behavioral issues can develop if they aren’t getting the attention they deserve. Training can be tremendously rewarding for you and your pet and strengthens the bond of friendship. Think of it as fun and challenging; an opportunity to celebrate your pet’s natural intelligence and a way to unlock their full potential. Progress can sometimes be slow, but persistence is the key!

3. Cat Massage

Just stroking your feline friend from nose to tail, gives kitty a feel-good massage that actually lowers their blood pressure and the build-up of stress. The slower you stroke, the more your cat will respond and don’t forget to pay extra attention to those places they like best – under the cheeks, behind the ears and at the base of the tail. Cat massage is also a good opportunity to give your cat’s coat a thorough check – looking out for any matting, lumps or bumps that might need medical attention.

4. Take Doggie for an Extra-Long Walk

Going on the same short, lackluster stroll every day? We all do it. Why not combat this mutt monotony by taking him on a longer-than-usual walk, or better still, to new, unexplored areas. Introducing him to a fresh route is a great way to socialize with other dogs, seek out new scents and engage him outside his normal routine. It’s also a great way to burn off some extra energy and ultimately, he will love more you for it.

5. Start their Pet Health Record (PHR)

What better way to look out for your pet than starting up their own online health record? A Pet Health Record (PHR) from Activ4Pets gives you total control over your pet’s health, with a complete history of their surgeries, medications, vaccinations and much more. Their PHR is accessible 24/7 from anywhere in the world, meaning you are 100% prepared in case of emergency. The Activ4Pets platform also gives you access to an online Second Medical Opinion and an eConsultation from our global network of top vets.

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